Sugar; Sausage

I chew the sausage; he squeals
The sugar cracks my teeth; she shrieks
Catch the sausage between your cracked teeth: they’ll squeal and shriek

A farming family collectively agree to eat each otherThe daughter is the last remaining
She isn’t sure how to proceed

There are eight or ten boys standing thereThey're bored
So bored, they start throwing stones
They aim close to the girls' legs, the girls' headEight or ten boys who've never seen warHealthy wealthy jet set babies

A young man finds a night shift job at the local Orphanage for 110€ an Hour
He sleeps through the first night and wakes to an empty hall
The windows are open and he yelps upon realising the kids had set themselves free but fallen to theirlittle deaths as the windows were on the 4th floor

The boys play a game on the smallest weakest boy
Red Rocket
Hold him down and smear his lips with the purplish red head of their dicks

He’d been standing there for a good ten minutes
Just staring straight ahead of him
And suddenly he swung his leg over the parapet and dropped off
He hit the ground very hard
Laid there stunned for a second then dragged himself to his feet and back inside
After 30 seconds he reappeared again, hurled himself off headfirst, landed on his chin
Got up again, staggered about, went inside, came out again onto the balcony and dived off
And did it again and again
Again he just kept on going
I couldn’t hear anything although the window was open until, I suppose the wind must have changed andit was possible to tell that he was sobbing and in quite a wretched way
And after about 20 jumps there must have been 15 people standing around staring at him in a semicircle
Nobody was raising a finger
It didn’t seem appropriate really
He seemed locked into a very private act
Towards the end they had to help him inside because he was really quite badly broken up
I don’t think he could have made it up the stairs by himself
And after about 40 jumps he just didn’t get up anymore
Apparently someone asked him what he was doing and he said he wanted to jump 40 times off the firstfloor balcony than straight off the top the tall building incase he decided to change his mind at any point

Joining us for late afternoon tea in a four-way is my old next door neighbour Hannes and his wife who isa dog
Since I'm the only woman there with hands
I soon find myself fully occupied

I can't help but wonder how Hannes and his wife had their baby
Who had been sleeping next to us, but had since fallen onto the floorShe must be able to change forms, back and forth
And what about dog pussy?
Is it enticing?
I mean
what's the story?

Special thanks to Kristoffer, Amanda, Spencer, James, Will, Karoline and Zac